International conference

«Regular and chaotic hydrodynamics

Applications to atmosphere and ocean»

Russia, Izhevsk

The deadline for the application for participation is 20 March, 2010
Please, fill in the Application Form located at the conference website (section “Application Submission”).

Presentations: format and equipment
Plenary talks will run 60 minutes (including discussion). Sectional talks will run 30 minutes (including discussion).
The lecture room will be equipped with a blackboard, an overhead, a PC projector, a laser pointer and a screen.

Registration of business trip
Accepting organization is Udmurt State University.
You should indicate it as a host organization in any documents related to your business trip.

Registration fee
The registration fee of 1000 ruble (approx. 35 U.S. dollars) should be paid on site in the course of Registration. You will get a receipt for your payment.

Extended Abstracts
Extended Abstracts should be submitted no later than May 1. Please prepare abstracts in accordance with the formal guidelines set out below. Book of abstracts will be published prior to the Symposium and distributed among the participants on Registration. The abstract should summarize the contents of the proposed contribution in an attractive, readable form. It is important that the abstract accurately states the problem, methods and results of the investigation and shows how the work relates to the subject matter of the Symposium. It should be no more than 2 pages in length, including equations, references and figures (if any). The abstract will have to be produced in LaTeX or MS Word using single space text and a font not smaller than 12 point. Start with the title in bold capitals. Include the names, affiliations and e-mails of all authors.